Social Responsibility

We Believe Our Actions Matter

As one of the world’s leading bakery companies we know leadership goes well beyond our day-to-day commitment to helping customers grow their businesses; it’s also our collective responsibility to make a positive impact with our team members, in our communities and around the world.

Social Responsibility

Our Code of Excellence Leads the Way

It all starts at home, with our own teams who are expected to know the Code. Dawn’s ethics-based approach to our work is guided by the principles of the Jones Family and an unwavering commitment to respectful relationships, people and integrity. Our team members and leaders follow Dawn’s Global Code of Excellence to ensure that we are working together in a way that reflects our values, our vision and our ethics.

To help support our Code of Excellence, Dawn offers team members many avenues for communication and support. The first line of dialogue is an open discussion with supervisors or the Human Resources department. Another resource is our anonymous, 24-hour Speak-Up hotline staffed by an independent third party, where team members, partners and suppliers are encouraged to share their concerns, voice their opinions or offer suggestions.

Circle Of Excellence

Supplier Diversity is a Priority for Us

In our 100 years of business, the Dawn family has valued our relationships with our suppliers and the key role they play in our success. We rely on our supplier partners to deliver the quality products that our customers have come to expect from us. In today’s dynamic bakery landscape, we are always seeking passionate, motivated and collaborative supplier partners — and are committed to creating supplier diversity at Dawn locations around the world.

By working with diverse suppliers, we provide opportunities for the growth and development of diverse business enterprises and communities, and are able to supply a broad assortment of products to our customers.

Becoming a Diverse Supplier

Diverse suppliers go through the same selection process as all Dawn suppliers, and must provide quality merchandise and/or service at a competitive price, deliver on time and add value to our customers. Please contact us if you have any questions about becoming a diverse supplier.


Sustainability at Dawn

Dawn is an ethical company that is committed to the quality, safety and success of our people, our products and our business partners. In this mission, we firmly resolve to positively impact the global communities in which we work and the sustainability of natural resources. In recent years, we have taken efforts to make the delivery of our products and services more energy efficient while also exploring steps to reduce waste at our facilities. We understand that this effort is an essential journey of continuous improvement that will benefit our partners, Team Members and consumers.

Following are key efforts from Dawn to support sustainability:

  • We are in the process of identifying all greenhouse gas emission sources, with the goal of reducing or eliminating as many points of discharge as possible. We have dramatically reduced CFC consumption by eliminating cryogenic freezing.
  • We have established a series of regional frozen consolidation centers for our frozen plants, in an effort to decrease the amount of miles driven to bring our products to market.
  • We are currently using re-sealable, re-closable and recyclable packaging. We are also using 25% post-consumer-recycled content on PET containers.
  • We have implemented the International Food Standard (IFS) certification that strongly encourages sustainable practices. This is a recognized part of the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI).


Creating Better Communities through the Dawn Corporate Giving Program

Dawn is committed to serving and improving the communities where our nearly 4,000 team members work. From volunteering our time and talents, to providing financial support, the Dawn Corporate Giving Program invests in the communities where we have facilities and offices. With a focus on hunger prevention and health, education, and community improvements, we support our team members in their efforts to give back. To learn more about the Dawn Corporate Giving program, please create an account in our online grant management system. If you find your request tightly aligns with our funding priorities, please complete the online application.



Corp Giving Logo


Dawn Foods Corporate Giving Mission Statement

Dawn actively strengthens the communities where Team Members work by supporting health lifestyle initiatives, education, and community vibrancy programs.

Health and Well-Being

At Dawn, food is our business. We work to eradicate hunger in our communities and to support healthier lifestyles through a range of services, including:

Healthy Lifestyle Programs

Alleviation and prevention of hunger and childhood obesity, access to quality care, and disease research.


Baking is two parts art and two parts science.  We support future generations of great artists, scientists and everyone in between. We are committed to creating communities where education is valued and promoted for all. We support:

  • Programs and organizations that increase literacy for adults and children
  • Vocational baking programs
  • STEM and robotics programs

Community Vibrancy

Marlin Jones, the founder of modern-day Dawn, knew the importance of bettering our communities. From negotiating with local farmers during the Depression, to Dawn’s current efforts, we strive to help our communities thrive. Dawn supports organizations that enrich the lives of community members:

  • Art, theatre, dance, and music programs for people of all ages
  • Public spaces and parks that are enjoyed by all
  • Festivals and Celebrations that enrich a community’s vibe


Dawn encourages all Team Members to donate their time and talents in their communities. Whether individually, or as a team, Dawn supports those who volunteer to improve their towns and the lives of others.

Product Donations

Life should be sweet. We are committed to helping create sweet moments for everyone. Dawn Foods donates products to a variety of local events and fundraisers. Click the link below to request a product donation. Please allow a minimum of 2 weeks lead time for all orders.