Our Code of Excellence Leads the Way

It all starts at home, with our own teams who are expected to know the Code. Dawn’s ethics-based approach to our work is guided by the principles of the Jones Family and an unwavering commitment to respectful relationships, people and integrity. Our team members and leaders follow Dawn’s Global Code of Excellence to ensure that we are working together in a way that reflects our values, our vision and our ethics.

To help support our Code of Excellence, Dawn offers team members many avenues for communication and support. The first line of dialogue is an open discussion with supervisors or the Human Resources department. Another resource is our anonymous, 24-hour Speak-Up hotline staffed by an independent third party, where team members, partners and suppliers are encouraged to share their concerns, voice their opinions or offer suggestions.


Do You Know the Code? 

Our Code of Excellence is a reminder of who we are, what we do and how we act, all with the goal of winning with excellence – for our customers and for our company.  It’s this commitment that will allow us to be the most effective buyer, producer and distributor of quality bakery products to customers worldwide.



It Starts With Us – Our Heritage

For generations, the Dawn Foods culture has embodied what makes us successful – respect, integrity,  a commitment to quality, and real relationships built on trust. These ideas are also at the foundation  of the Code of Excellence, reminding us that our professional actions should uphold the reputation  we’ve worked to build with our customers and with the world.



Partnerships With Purpose – The Global Marketplace

When we think of partnerships, we should think of relationships based on fairness and integrity. This includes everyone we deal with – the consumers who purchase our products, our customers who sell or use them, the communities we live in and serve, our suppliers and even our competitors. Dawn wins through respectful partnerships.



Caring Corporate Citizenship –  The Larger Community

Dawn Foods is committed to being a caring, corporate citizen. In addition to supporting  programs that strengthen our communities, we are also dedicated to enhancing lives  through our sustainability efforts. 

Speak Up When You Need To

Dawn Foods needs you to speak up! The Speak-up hotline is a 24-hour, toll-free ethics hotline (1-844-OUR DAWN) available to everyone – from team members to suppliers, from consumers to contractors to ask questions..