Carrie L. Jones-Barber and Serhat Unsal

Serving Up Sweet Success

December is a time to reflect on the past year and to get excited about the year ahead. We’re always learning and growing, and so, too, are our customers. Many of them had big years, both in terms of innovation and growth.

For Cops & Doughnuts, innovation and growth came in many forms. Over the summer of 2016, the owners opened three new locations, or “precincts” as they call them, across Michigan and Indiana—and maintained a 5 percent growth rate at the original precinct in Clare, Michigan. In terms of innovation, they installed a new point of sale system that will allow them to track purchases and control inventory more effectively. 

Now, with their eyes on 2017, the police officers and bakers behind Cops & Doughnuts are hoping to expand farther across the Midwest, with the promise of bringing their unique, community-oriented business model to each new precinct. This is remarkable considering Cops & Doughnuts first launched to save a beloved local bakery from bankruptcy back in 2009 and have since found community connections to be essential to their success.  

Supporting businesses like Cops & Doughnuts is the core of Dawn’s business. We are proud to be serving more artisanal bakeries than ever before and have welcomed the opportunity to connect with them and the communities they feed to better understand their needs. After all, being a part of the same community means helping each other succeed. 

Looking ahead, we will continue publishing meaningful industry tips and insights on Dawn’s website, on social media and in Batter Up. Our goal is to help all of our customers grow their way to success. We know how much effort it takes to run a bakery, and we will work hard to ensure 2017 is a great year for our customers, their customers and the industry we all love.

Carrie Jones-Barber and Serhat Unsal
Dawn Foods