3 Online Accounting Programs Perfect for Bakeries

Automating bookkeeping can help bakery owners stay organized and free up time to focus on other business priorities. And many software choices offer additional functionality related to inventory, creating and updating menus, generating performance reports and more. Here are three options to consider: 

Choose from Several Versions: QuickBooks 

  • Available via the website, through a mobile app or in dowloadable software, QuickBooks organizes a variety of data—bank accounts, expenses, income, profit and loss and sales—in one shareable place. 
  • Users can sync related apps like PayPal and Square, save photos of receipts and organize invoices with custom reminders, direct deposit and reports. 
  • From $10 monthly, with free 30-day trial 

Great for Small Bakeries: Xero

  • The cloud-based software lets users process invoices and inventory, reconcile statements, manage expenses and bills and expedite payroll. 
  • From $9 monthly, with free 30-day trial

For the Larger Bakery Chain: Restaurant365 

  • The cloud-based integrated platform allows bakeries to sync budgets, scheduling, inventory management, payroll, purchasing, vendor management and more. 
  • Larger bakery brands can manage franchisees and vendors to better control cash and inventory. 
  • From $159 monthly