5 Steps to Protecting Your Ergonomic Health

Working in a bakery can be physically demanding. And just like athletes, staff need to be in peak condition by keeping their muscles and joints in good shape, which is where certain workplace hacks come in. For example, ensure decorators work at tables that are the right heights so they don’t bend over desserts. And, decorators can use bowl scrapers for smoothing out cake icing to reduce the amount of time suspending their arms.

In addition, certain exercises and stretches can protect you and your employees from aches, breaks and pulls. Check out these five.

5 Steps to Protecting Your Ergonomic Health


1. Joint Venture

Prepare your joints for mixing and decorating by rotating your shoulders, elbows and wrists in the air. Gradually make the circles larger until that exceeds what your baking activity requires.

2. Raising the Bar

To support foot circulation, stand with the balls of your feet securely on a stair or step stool. Let your heels hang off the edge. Slowly raise your heels until you’re on your tiptoes, hold for a couple seconds. Lower until level with the platform. Repeat 10 times.

3. The Upper Hand

To manage hand pain, hold your hand out straight and space out fingers. Tighten your hand so your finger pads rest where your fingers and palm meet. Stretch again, and make a full fist. Repeat stretch and reach your finger pads toward your wrist. Do 10 times.

4. Knee Deep

Get ready for heavy lifting by strengthening your knees. While standing, bend your knees slightly, to about a 20-degree angle. Stand up straight and bend again to 40 degrees. Continue deepening your bends until you’re close to the ground.

5. Get the Ball Rolling

If you’ve been standing all day, use a tennis ball to stretch out your feet. From either a standing or seated position, place your foot over the ball and roll it from heel to toe and back for about two minutes.