Be Bold with Brownies

Bakeries are operating as efficiently as possible as you reopen coming out of COVID.

To help stretch your inventory and your budget, expand your brownie offerings. This versatile product is a perennial customer favorite, is infinitely customizable, and always easy to make.

Consider Kits

Brownie kits are extremely flexible and play into what consumers have come to expect during COVID. You can sell baked brownies that customers decorate at home, or you can offer take and bake kits for families to bake together. Kits can also come in a variety of sizes – bite-sized brownies, brownies by the dozen, and more, giving you another way to mix things up for customers and keep them coming back.

One Mix, Many Ways

The beauty of brownie mix is that the possibilities are endless. You can add in decadent inclusions like dark chocolate, Luxardo cherries, or tropical flavors like coconut and macadamia nuts. You can also create layered brownies that combine the popular favorite with cookies, pies or shortbreads.


Go Good For You

While consumers love treats, they also love eating healthier. Brownies are adaptable enough that you can offer better for you versions, like thinner, crispy brownies, gluten free or low sugar versions, or smaller portions. You can also research lifestyle recipes like Paleo, Keto, or vegan brownies. With a few minor tweaks, they are easy to add onto your menu.


Celebrate the Seasons

Brownies are also ideal for seasonal recipes that feature the flavors consumers crave at different times of the year. Coming into the height of summer, think about brownies that feature fruit or that are topped with colorful sugars that remind people of the beach. You can also frost brownies to reflect seasonal vignettes. Think beach balls, sunshine, ocean waves and butterflies.

Brownies have long been a bakery staple that consumers look forward to. Be sure to give them the traditional brownie flavors they expect combined with innovative options that surprise and delight.

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