Could It Catch On: Demerara Sugar

What Is It? 

Originally from present-day Guyana, Demerara is raw, light brown cane sugar that is minimally refined and has a large grain.


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How Do I Use It? 

Demerara can stand in for brown sugar in baked goods, and its natural toffeelike flavor and coarse texture make for a delicious crunchy topping for crumbles or pies. Praised for its use in brown-liquor cocktails, Demerara can also star in dark alcohol-infused desserts.

Demerara in Dessert Action:

In spring 2018, Little Dom's in Los Angeles sold a blood orange and mascarpone crostata topped with a Demerara-vanilla sauce, cocoa nibs and dark rum gelato.

Bacchus House Wine, Bar & Bistro in Folsom, California, has offered ginger stout cake made with Demerara sugar, lemon crema and candied cranberries.

On the Menu Issue 53, Datassential, October 2017