How to Boost Bakery Business Through Technology

Technology can play a big role in running a business. From payment methods to marketing, it’s essential for daily operations and can make your business function more smoothly. Here are three ways tech tools can boost your bakery business.

Let Software Handle It

Turning your creative outlet into a successful business can be a dream. But the less-artistic parts of running a bakery, such as payroll, work schedules and taxes, may not be as fun for some. Luckily, technology can help smooth out any bumps on the business side, especially if your staff is small (or a team of one). Start by looking at accounting programs and labor-scheduling apps that are within budget to help automate these necessary tasks. The more you automate, the less time you’ll spend making spreadsheets.

Technology also can help with menu planning at your bakery. Use software to help strike a balance between providing customers with what they want and developing products that are most profitable. For instance, accounting software can track sales of certain products, which gives you valuable information to use when purchasing inventory.

Software can help manage loyalty programs, too. Although the simple punch card goes a long way, using a third-party digital platform to collect and manage customer data lets you reward your repeat customers on a deeper level. For example, you can send offers to your most loyal customers to thank them or offer a reward for referring their friends.

Get the Download

Although social media is the internet’s shining star, there is so much more bakery owners can do online. With 59 percent of consumers reporting they look up an eatery’s menu online before visiting, it helps to understand how customers engage with your bakery before they step through the door.

For instance, it’s important to monitor customer reviews on sites such as Yelp, Facebook and Google. Maximizing positive reviews and responding carefully to negative ones can help manage your bakery’s reputation online and encourage potential customers to visit.

Along the same lines, optimize your online presence for search. Claim review sites, develop quality content for your website and create a quality website to attract consumers. You’ll increase your chances of potential customers finding your business as they Google “cupcakes near me” and help your loyal followers spread the word.

Don’t forget about your employment brand, either. Potential employees use the internet to find work the same way customers look for bakeries. Plus, recruiting can be a full-time job. Digital job boards help bakery owners find quality candidates while managing and scheduling interviews with potential talent.

Be Mobile-Friendly

The small computers we carry in our pockets make it more accessible than ever for smaller businesses to participate in mobile payments. One option is to incorporate mobile as the point of sale, such as using a tablet enabled with a credit card reader like Square to process payments. Another option is to use mobile at the point of sale, such as using a contactless-enabled terminal to allow payments via Apple Pay or Google Pay.

Apps also are revolutionizing the way customers order food. One in four consumers report having at least one restaurant app on their phones, and creating your own mobile app can give you a competitive edge.

You don’t always need the latest gadget for technology to help you with your business. However, with a few simple adjustments, you’ll be able to better attract new customers and meet their needs.

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