How to Use Mobile Payments in Your Bakery

Carrying cash is slowly becoming a thing of the past. To stay competitive, online and offline, here’s what bakers need to know about mobile payments to offer a seamless, positive checkout experience.

Batter Up Fall 2019_mobile pay

There are many services for accepting mobile payments and using mobile devices as your point-of-sale system. The good news is: The process for setting up is fairly similar across services. But, it’s important to do your research so you’ll know exactly what you will need for your bakery. Here are some steps to help you get started.

Mobile at the point of sale: Prepare to accept payment from your customer’s mobile phones
Setting up in-store is a little simpler. Generally, your payment terminal and point-of-sale system must be compatible with the service you choose to accept mobile payments. Check the service’s website for its specific hardware, software and compliance requirements.

Accepting mobile payment on your bakery’s website is a little more involved. Let’s say you want to incorporate Google Pay.  According to the website, it’ll take just under a week to set up and implement the Google Pay API (application programming interface). 

The setup involves four steps:

  • Review developer documentation
  • Get access to the APIs
  • Integrate and test
  • Go live

There’s a good amount on the site to review, such as a three-minute-plus video explaining API as well as a section on developer documentation for both Android and the web. After integration in the test environment is complete and you’ve requested production access, onboarding involves:

  • Google reviewing your submitted integration in its test environment
  • Upon approval, Google providing you with instruction for registration and production access to the Google Pay API
  • Google reviewing your submitted integration
  • When that’s approved, Google giving launch clearance

It may be worth finding an expert who can help you set up everything properly.

Mobile as the point of sale: Switch from a terminal to a mobile device
Again, each system works in a similar fashion, so let’s look at Square. The process involves:

  • Download the Square app onto a compatible mobile device and create an account on the Square site
  • Visit to set up credit card processing. You’ll need to input a Social Security number and date of birth
  • Provide a permanent mailing address where your free Square card reader can be shipped
  • Link your Square account to a U.S. bank account; Square will make two deposits in small amounts, and when they appear on your statement (in about two days), log in and confirm the amounts to verify your information
  • When your reader arrives in the mail, open the app on your device and plug the card reader into the headphone jack
  • You’re now ready to start accepting credit card payments