Keeping Up with Changing Consumer Trends

In 2019, the Dawn Foods Market Research and Insights team invested in helping you deliver what consumers seek with a study on the eight consumer trends bakers should know. This study is designed to inspire Dawn’s customers to set new goals, dream up new products and keep up with consumer demand in the baking industry.

The Dawn team pored over data, visited bakeries of all sizes and observed consumer behavior worldwide to get its finger on the pulse of “what’s new.” Based on this research— and analysis of more than 100 data sources and more than 75 global, marketplace products and services—the Dawn team revitalized its eight trends to help bakers capitalize on consumers’ evolving needs.

In September, the refreshed trends were introduced at the International Baking Industry Exposition (IBIE) to excitement and anticipation.

Take a closer look at these updated trends to get inspired, stay in the know and set up your bakery for success.

 A Ruby Brownie Entremet on a plate

Luxuriate with a Ruby Brownie Entremet featuring lush Barry Callebaut Ruby Couverture discs and cherries.


Blissful Indulgence

The Trend: To pause their stressful lives and boost their moods, consumers yearn for a fleeting escape to the bliss of a decadent treat. And
they expect this sumptuous reward tucked into eye-catching packages that remind them they deserve pampering.

The Tip: Consumers want to make every bite and sip count, so consider creating luxurious treats bursting with premium ingredients that wow their taste buds.



The Trend: Food plays the universal denominator of visual experiences, with people worldwide transforming eating into a more immersive experience we dubbed “eatertainment.” From ambience and decor to food and special events,
consumers want a dining destination beyond today’s special.

The Tip: Chefs, bakers and restaurants can continually create new culinary sensory encounters through experiential demonstrations, exciting new pairings and on-demand customization that transform consumers’ dining experience.


My Food ID 

The Trend: Consumers’ identity intertwines with the food and backstory of their favorite bakery. When they connect with a bakery, they’ll make an outward expression of personal identity by sharing the bakery’s social media posts or buying a T-shirt with its logo.

The Tip: Bakeries can tap into what makes their business unique and provide products and services that offer memorable and shareable consumer experiences.


A variety of churro whoopie pies

Try a Strawberry Shortcake Churro Whoopie Pie or a Spicy Chile Chocolate Churro Whoopie Pie for a fun mashup.


Mashup Adventure 

The Trend: To bust out of daily routines, people yearn for new experiences, and food offers an easy, low-risk path. Inspired by global influences, bakeries can push boundaries with sensory experiences mingling new flavors and aromas for surprising twists.

The Tip: Quench consumers’ thirst for out-of-the-box experiences with a fusion of food textures, forms and flavors offering a fresh take on the traditional.


Enlightened Eating

The Trend: Today’s hyperinformed consumers demand food with benefits—healthier options fueling their bodies and pleasing their palates. They opt for products with added nutrients such as fruits, veggies and ancient grains and without allergens, animal products and artificial ingredients.

The Tip: Replace undesirable ingredients with healthier alternatives and incorporate good-foryou options to transform traditional products into offerings that also power the body.


Transparency 360  

The Trend: To feel better about products they purchase, consumers want to buy local and choose brands sharing their beliefs and values. Consumers seek transparency from the companies they patronize, expecting honesty and integrity.

The Tip: Bakeries may benefit from adopting a holistic approach to their business, aligning their values with sustainable practices and business stewardship so consumers feel good about buying from them.



The Trend: People seek to adapt to the daily hustle, tapping into technology for quicker ordering and food delivery. They shift eating patterns by grazing throughout the day and shave time off food prep with meal-kit delivery services and new gadgets and concepts.

The Tip: Bakeries can simplify their customers’ lives—and save them time—by dishing up great culinary experiences anywhere, anytime, without compromising food quality. Find tips on competing with online-only bakery services.


Puff pastry tarts topped with bacon, eggs and fruit

Give customers an individualized snack with Personal Puff Pastry Tarts topped with bacon, eggs and fruit.


Just For Me 

The Trend: Consumers are fatigued with mass-produced products where they feel nameless. But businesses can use technology to forge authentic relationships by treating interactions as the channel for building close, personal connections. As artificial intelligence seeps into everyday lives, consumers expect the companies they patronize to “know them.”

The Tip: Nurture existing relationships and build new ones that demand loyalty by getting smart with technology and creating an experience that shapes personal relationships with customers. For example, consider how consumers interact with your bakery online before they walk through the door. 

Photos: Conway Photography