Take Home Kits Take the Cake - Literally

Even though life is starting to open back up, the reality is that most businesses – especially those in food and beverage – are adapting to the new normal as a result of COVID-19. Operations are reduced, restrictions are enforced, and customer and employee safety is priority number one.

No matter if you’re a baker and business owner or a manufacturer, you need to find creative and sustainable ways for engaging with customers so they keep coming back. One way to connect with consumers is to develop Take Home Cake or Cupcake Kits. These unique kits give customers fun outlets for their creativity and a way to satisfy that sweet tooth while remaining socially distant.

Inspiration for Bakers

If you’re a baker, kits are a snap to package for your customers. Start by baking either cakes or cupcakes and combining them with pre-bagged icings, glazes, toppings, sprinkles and other decorations. You can also capitalize on upcoming celebration seasons, like graduation or Father’s Day (https://www.dawnfoods.com/insights/doting-on-dad-this-father's-day) and offer kits that use school colors or thematic decorations.

cupcake kit

Tips for Manufacturers

If you’re a manufacturer, you can also take part in the kit craze. Assemble kits for your customers that they can sell at retail, helping to boost sales and offer something unique to customers who may be looking for ways to break up the quarantine monotony.

Sized to Sell

No matter what type of baker you are, be sure to offer kits in a variety of sizes that reflect the reality that families are at home and less social. Consider kits of single or two cupcakes, smaller size cakes, or offer the ability to order a custom size kit online. Large sheet cakes or dozens of baked goods might not make as much sense as they did just a few short months ago.

Cupcake flavors

Focus on Flavor

It always makes sense to offer the basics that everyone loves. But with the start of summer, don’t overlook warm weather flavors that customers seek out this time of year. Consider citrus like lemon, summer flavors such as coconut, and fruit favorites like strawberry or cherry. You can bake your cakes or cupcakes in these summertime favorites or use them to ramp up the icings and decorations you include in your kits.

Share and Share Again

No matter what Take Home Kit program you end up developing, be sure to promote it often on all your social platforms. Communicate the various kit options, flavors, and how to order. Things like online ordering and curbside pickup help strengthen your Take Home Kits program because customers understand all you’re doing to keep them safe while giving them the treats they want.

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