Today’s Packaging Needs

Food safety is top of mind for consumers, and suddenly the packaging matters almost as much as the product itself.

As you’re modifying operations to meet the needs of our new normal, don’t forget to consider the packaging solutions needed to support these new plans.

Let Them Have Their Cake and Eat it Too

There has been a significant increase in sales of grab-and-go cake products since the pandemic hit. Sales of individual cake slices, cheesecake slices, parfaits and cake bites have grown substantially. If you’re looking for ways to increase business during this time, consider offering individually packaged cake products. This 4" cubed box is perfectly sized for a cupcake or jumbo muffin. And that sweet treat is the perfect size for many consumers to enjoy!


Cake package

Alternatives to Self-Serve

Supermarkets, convenience stores and QSRs understand that convenience is key to busy consumers who don’t have a lot of time to spare. In the current environment, the active consumer’s preference for convenience is overshadowed by their food safety concerns. Help them feel at ease by pre-packaging self-serve items using clear containers that still allow consumers to buy with their eyes without worrying about possible contamination.

Packaging window bags

Grab-and-go for All

Artisanal bakeries practicing social distancing by limiting the number of consumers allowed in-store at once can take advantage of the QSR grab-and-go strategy by pre-packaging popular items in window boxes, sealable bags and clamshell containers to keep the lines moving and getting people in and out quickly.

Did You Know…

Dawn has everything you need to help you package for success today and every day. Contact your sales rep to learn more about our bakery packaging solutions.