Hi-Ratio Cake Mix

For most bakeries, cake is king. And to keep your customers coming back time after time, you need cakes that are moist and full of flavor. With our Dawn Baker’s Request™ Cake Mixes, you get reliable cakes with outstanding flavor, superior texture and eye-catching appeal. Dawn Exceptional® Baker’s Request™ cake mixes make it easy to create delicious cakes, every single time.

Dawn ExceptionalR Bakers Request™ Cake Mixes

  • Our highest quality and most versatile mix, allowing for various shapes, sizes and forms
  • Tolerant mix that performs well in a variety of production and baking environments
  • Excellent volume with a consistent flat bake
  • Moist texture with a tight crumb that supports a longer shelf life and works well for sculptured cakes

Dawn Select™ Cake Mixes

  • Excellent value option for your bakery
  • Simple to use — just add water and oil
  • Popular consumer varieties include chocolate, yellow and white
  • Consistent flavor and moist texture

New Baker's Request Cake Flavors: INSPIRED BY YOU

Dawn has partnered with four bakers, each from a different market in the US, to create our next Hi-Ratio cake mix flavors. During the co-creation journey, these bakers traveled to our Innovation Studio to participate in two collaborative sessions involving sensory experiences around flavors, aromas and colors and paired flavors and colors together to bake up creations that consumers will love.


Dawn Balance Cleaner Ingredients

Our Dawn Balance® Cleaner Ingredients cake mixes are formulated without artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners or other unnecessary ingredients and deliver a delicious taste that meets your high standards. With white, chocolate and carrot cake options, we make it easy to differentiate your bakery and drive sales with cleaner ingredients. 

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cleaner ingredient solutions