Buttercreme Style Icings

Our buttercreme style icings make your cakes stand out and keep customers coming back. Smooth, workable textures and quality ingredients create the winning combination for you, your customers and your bakery.


  • Outstanding flavor, aroma, and visual appeal as tested among bakery consumers
  • Formulated to be soft and pliable to allow for piping and decorating while still firm enough to hold designs
  • Consistent and vibrant colors, allowing decorators to focus on creating products for important moments

Dawn Icing
Dawn Buttercreme Style Icings have been developed to spread easily to make base icing a breeze and can also be used to create borders, flowers and other designs. Available in White, Chocolate and Cream Cheese.

02441848Dawn White 12#
02434356 Dawn White 28#
02441301Dawn Spred 'N Fill White 28#
02440981 Dawn Chocolate 28#
02441319 Dawn Spred 'N Fill Chocolate 28#
02441252 Dawn Cream Cheese 12#
02441294Dawn Cream Cheese 28#

Dawn Buttercreme Exceptional

Dawn Exceptional Buttercreme Style Icings give you premium, rich flavors and vibrant colors that will impress even the most sophisticated customer. Formulated to hold the most intricate designs, you can be confident that your decorations will delight your customers and keep them coming back. Available in White, Chocolate, Cream Cheese, Caramel and a range of vibrant colors.

 Extra-Rich Flavor 
02434372Dawn Exceptional Chocolaty Chocolate 14#
02437863Dawn Exceptional Cream Cheese 18#
02439918Dawn Exceptional White 32#
Vibrant Colors 
02441046Dawn Exceptional Light Pink 8#
02441038Dawn Exceptional Hot Pink 8#
02439984Dawn Exceptional Red 8#
02441004Dawn Exceptional Orange Color 8#
02434398Dawn Exceptional Bright Yellow 8#
02441020Dawn Exceptional Light Yellow 8#
02441369Dawn Exceptional Light Green 14#
02441054Dawn Exceptional Emerald Green 8#
02441012Dawn Exceptional Teal 8#
02441096Dawn Exceptional Light Blue 8#
02439934Dawn Exceptional Royal Blue 8#
02441070Dawn Exceptional Purple 8#
02441088Dawn Exceptional Maroon 8#
02441103Dawn Exceptional Black 8#

Dawn Balance Buttercreme

Dawn Balance Sugar-Free Buttercreme Style Icings meet your customers' desire for a better-for-you option, with the quality and reliability you count on from Dawn. Available in White and Chocolate.

02441278Dawn Balance White 28#
02441260Dawn Balance Chocolate Flavored 28#

Cleaner Options Your Customers Will Love:

Our Dawn Balance® Cleaner Ingredients buttercreme style icings are formulated without artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners or other unnecessary ingredients and deliver a delicious taste that meets your high standards. With white, chocolate and cream cheese options, we make it easy to differentiate your bakery and drive sales with cleaner ingredients. 

Learn more about our full line of 
cleaner ingredient solutions

Dawn Balance Cleaner Ingredients Cake

Naturally Brilliant Buttercreme Style Icings:

Consumer preferences are shifting, and many seek better-for-you bakery options they can feel good about and that taste and look amazing. Now, with Dawn Balance® Naturally Brilliant, they can have it all. Our Buttercreme Style Icing and Flat Icing colors are sourced from plants, fruits and/or vegetables; use natural flavors; and are free from artificial sweeteners. This means you can offer eye-catching, great-tasting products that exceed consumer expectations.

Dawn Balance Cleaner Ingredients Cake