Gluten-Free Bakery Products & Ingredients

For some consumers, eating gluten-free is a lifestyle choice to improve health and wellbeing. For others, it’s a medical necessity. Regardless of what is driving people toward gluten-free products, it’s a trend that smart bakers are embracing. And at Dawn Foods, we have a complete line of gluten-free bases that are unrivaled in taste and quality and formulated to perform just like your favorite gluten-rich desserts. Our gluten-free creme cake, cake, cookie and brownie bases provide you with a simple way of baking gluten-free products with the taste and texture that will keep your customers coming back again and again.

Our entire line of gluten-free products is certified by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF), and our training and support programs help you take the steps to safely include gluten-free items on your menu.



  • A full line of bases to make great-tasting gluten-free versions of the most popular sweet baked goods
  • Versatile, tolerant products that allow you to be creative and customize your creations
  • Finished products perform well after freezing, allowing for maximum production flexibility
  • 25-pound bags

Cake Bases

Our Gluten-Free Cake Bases are formulated to mimic the great taste and quality of our popular Baker’s Request cake line. These bases create moist cakes with a tight crumb that not only taste great, but are also easy to decorate. They are offered in two flavors, white and extra dark devil’s food.

Creme Cake Bases

Dawn’s Gluten-Free Creme Cake Bases give you the same superior flavor, volume and texture of our renowned R&H® creme cake bases. They are versatile enough for muffins, loaf cakes, ring cakes and more — and they are excellent for suspending fruit and inclusions, which allows you to add your own special touches. The bases are offered in two flavors, vanilla and chocolate.

Brownie Base

Our Gluten-Free Brownie Base is formulated to deliver the same fantastic taste and texture of our famous R&H® Fudgie Brownie Mix. Just add eggs, oil and water to create a batter that is pourable, self-leveling and perfect for suspending nuts and other ingredients. This brownie base makes rich, fudgy brownies your customers will love.

Cookie Base

Dawn’s Gluten-Free Cookie Base is a flexible formula designed to make a wide variety of gluten-free cookies, from classics like chocolate chip and peanut butter, to your bakery’s signature creations.

Cake Donut Base

Our Gluten-Free Vanilla Cake Donut Base provides the exceptional flavor, texture and performance to match our Majestic® Cake Donuts. Make both traditional and signature creations with great volume, a perfect star center, soft crumb and a thin golden crust.

Going Gluten-Free with Sinfully Indulgent Ingredients

As a dietician, Pam Cureton wouldn’t recommend a gluten-free diet for people who want to lose weight because many products contain high levels of refined rice or another alternative flour and starches as well as a low amount of fiber.

“Weight gain is very common for our celiac patients,” said Ms. Cureton, clinical and research dietician at the Center for Celiac Research in Baltimore specializing in the treatment of celiac disease, and a member of the Grain Foods Foundation’s Scientific Advisory Board, 

And many of the most successful gluten-free products are loaded with indulgent ingredients that sometimes make them taste just as rewarding as conventional baked goods.

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