Cream Puffs

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Working Method

Prepare éclair mix according to manufacturer’s instructions.  Place eclair paste in a piping bag fitted with a large open tip.  Pipe 1.5-inch rounds on flat sheet trays lined with parchment sheets.  Bake at 375  ͦF until puffed and brown all over.  Let cool completely.  Cream puffs may either be frozen until ready to be used or can be filled.  Cream puffs only last one day after filling so they must be filled daily.

Make up vanilla cream according to manufacturer’s instructions.  Fill prepared cream puffs with speedy cream.  Dip in fudge icing and serve same day.

Additional Info

Chef Tips

Nothing is worse than baking gorgeous cream puffs only to have them fall after coming out of the oven.  This happens when they are underbaked.  A sure fire way to make sure your eclairs, cream puffs, and such are baked correctly is to check the color of the cracks.  The cracks should be the same brown as the rest of the cream puff (NOT lighter).  This tells you it’s baked all the way through.  After pulling them from the oven, pick up one cream puff or éclair and tap on the bottom several times.  It should sound hollow, reaffirming that it is baked all the way through.



French Donut, Eclair, Vanilla, Creme, Cream, Fudge, Chocolate 

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Cream Puffs

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