Donut Freakshake- Dark Chocolate NUTELLA®

What you'll need


Working Method

Prepare donut mix according to bag instructions. Fry and let cool completely. To make filling: use a 1:2 ratio Nutella®: Dobash, whisk together and fill donuts. To make glaze: use a 2:3 ratio chocolate flat icing -OR- Fon Dip: Nutella®, whisk together, dip donuts and reserve. Melt dark chocolate ganache and dip shake glass into ganache. When ganache is almost dry, roll in pretzels and reserve in cooler. In a blender, place 4 oz chocolate ice cream (3, 2 oz blue handled scoops), 1 oz Dobash filling, 1 oz Nutella®, 4 oz whole milk, and 0.5 oz Crème de Cacao and blend until no lumps remain. Pour into prepared glass, top with reserved bismarck, place a straw through the donut, top with cotton candy or chocolate Velvetop™ and dark chocolate candy bar. Serve immediately.


Chocolate, Nutella, Hazelnut, Flat Icing, Pretzel, Candy, Cotton Candy, Donut, Bismarck, Bismark, Berliner, Ganache, Dobash, VelveTop, Whipped, Ice Cream, Shake

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Donut Freakshake- Dark Chocolate NUTELLA®

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