Hanukkah Cake Pops

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Working Method

Follow manufacturer’s directions on bag to make cake mix, making any size cake. Let cakes cool completely. Add frozen cake to a food processor, pulse until it resembles fine crumbs. Add in buttercream a little bit at a time until cake is moist and can hold a ball shape, yet still slightly crumbly, knead the buttercream into the cake crumbs. Use a small disher and scoop out balls of cake mixture, roll the mixture into a tight ball and place on a parchment lined sheet tray. Repeat until all the cake mixture has been rolled into balls and freeze at least two hours, overnight is best. Place paper sticks into prepared cake balls and place back in the freezer. Melt White Van Leer® Shine; for every pound of melted shine, add in 5oz melted Sweetex®, then color with Chefmaster® colors.  If using either Milk or Dark Van Leer® Shine, do not add Sweetex®; use it as is. 

Remove cake balls from freezer and dip cake balls carefully into the colored Van Leer® Shine until covered, one at a time, dipping half of the balls in white Van Leer® Shine and the other half in blue colored Van Leer® Shine. Let the excess Van Leer® Shine drip off. Swirl and tap gently if needed. Add the sugars while the Van Leer® Shine is still wet, using white with white and blue with blue. It will harden quickly. Stick the decorated cake pop into a styrofoam floral block to finish setting.

Additional Info

Chef Tips

Rather than baking fresh cakes, this is a perfect use of leftover cake bellies, cupcakes, or other trimmings!


White Cake, Buttercreme, Buttercream, White Chocolate, Blue, Cocoa Butter, Crystal, Sprinkles, Sanding Sugar, Holidays, Jewish

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Hanukkah Cake Pops

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