Naturally Brilliant Colorful Chocolates

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Using chocolate molds, buff molds with cotton balls. If there is leftover chocolate in the molds, melt with hairdryer, wipe out with microfiber towel and buff with cotton balls. It is SUPER important that you never touch the mold cavities with your hands or anything that can scratch the surface of the molds. Melt desired cocoa butter colors, never reaching over 90F. Using a paintbrush, dip into colored cocoa butter and shake on top of molds. Place in cooler until set up. Using equal parts confectioners coating and couverture, heat over a double boiler until just melted. Conversely, if you are familiar with tempering chocolate, you may omit the confectioners coating and simply temper the chocolate. Quickly fill your mold cavities using either a ladle or spoon. Don’t worry if you have chocolate all over the mold as you’re going to scrape off all the excess later. Once the cavities are full, tap the mold briskly on the table to settle the chocolate into any grooves or designs in the


If you don’t have a cool room or cupboard in which to harden the chocolate in the molds or are pressed for time, you can use the refrigerator to speed up the process. Once the mold is full, put it on the shelf and set a timer for five minutes. Remove the mold from the refrigerator and let it continue hardening at cool room temperature. The chocolates are ready to be released when the chocolate pulls away from the mold slightly and the outside of the cavity appears grayish if you look at the bottom of the mold. This is an indication that air is being pulled in between the chocolate and the mold as the chocolate contracts and hardens. Once you think the mold is ready, turn it over on parchment paper or a Silpat mat. If your chocolate is tempered properly or if using confectioners coating, has set up properly and it is completely hardened, the chocolates should just fall out of the mold. If they don’t, give the mold a little tap on the bottom to help release the chocolates. If that doesn’

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Naturally Brilliant Colorful Chocolates

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