Pan Danes

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Working Method

Mix dough according to manufacturer's instructions for Concha on bag plus 10% butter to make the dough. Mix for 1 minute 1st speed and 8 minutes on medium until gluten window is achieved.  Rest dough 20-30 mins. Roll doughto 1/2" thick.  Spread another 10% soft butter on dough and give it a book fold. Repeat same process twice. Place folded dough on flour dusted tray and cover.  Retard overnight. The next day, bring dough to room temperature. Roll out dough ½" to ¾" thick.  Cut out three strips and fold.


Cuernito (Mono): Roll out dough strips to ¼" thick and cut and shape as desired.

Cuernito (Horn): Cut a 2.5 oz square out of rolled dough, fold corners in to make a triangle and roll to make a horn.  Egg wash and bake until golden brown.

Mono (Bow): Cut a 5"x 5" inch square and twist.

Additional Info

Chef Tips

Butter percentages come from the mix as 100%.  For example, if you used 5 pounds of mix, then 10% of the mix is 8 oz soft butter.  You would add 8 oz soft butter to the bowl, and another 8 oz soft butter as the roll in fat.  You may also substitute margarine for butter in this recipe (Bakery Essentials® EIE SOY Bakers Margarine, 2505397).

To make egg wash, use a ratio of 2:1 whole eggs:water.  For example, for every pound of eggs used, add 8oz water.  Mix together and add a pinch of salt if desired.

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Sweetdough, Red, Danish

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Pan Danes

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