Ring Cake

What you'll need


Working Method

Note: this cake requires special baking pans: 10inch ring pans and 8inch triangle pans

Mix cake according to manufacturer's instructions.  Deposit 12 oz cake batter into each 10" ring pan that has been treated with pan spray.  Deposit 10 oz into each 8" triangle cake pan that has been treated with pan spray. Bake at 350°F until cakes are golden brown and spring back lightly when touched. Let cool completely and depan. 

Cut the tips off of each cake triangle. Place one ring on serving platter, arrange triangle cake with the cut side towards ring. Using a white buttercream in a piping bag fitted with a straight tip, pipe large pearls of buttercream over the ring shaped cake. Place another ring and half triangle on top and repeat with the same piping techniques. Decorate cake with pink buttercreme, pink macarons, and sugared or fresh berries.

Additional Info

Chef Tips

To make sugared berries, make a meringue using equal parts sugar and egg whites- bring the meringue to stiff peaks. Line a sheet tray with parchment and gather up prepared meringue, white granulated sugar, fresh berries, and a fine tipped pastry or paint brush. Gently paint the meringue onto the berries, then roll berries in sugar. Place in a single layer on the sheet tray and allow to dry for 3 hours. Use sugared berries same day.


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Kim Charles
I've made this twice already for engagement season - it's fantastic!
Jul 26th 2019
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Ring Cake

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