Spooky Donut Pops

What you'll need

Spooky Spider Pop


A Halloween favorite, this spooky spider will appeal to kids of ALL ages! Dip prepared donut pop in coating chocolate. Coat only once for best results. Roll donut pop in DDA® Dark Chocolate Jimmies. For legs, pipe coating chocolate on wax paper until set. Poke holes in the donut where the legs will go. Insert legs with melted chocolate to adhere. Let set. Add spooky eyes for effect!

Goofy Monster Pop


Feature your bakery’s playful side this season with these whimsical monster pops! Dip prepared donut pop in green colored coating chocolate. Pipe chocolate on wax paper for “swirly” antennae and eyes. Attach pearl decorations with melted chocolate to give your monsters polka-dots.

Ghost Pop


Give your customers something to scream about with this Ghost Pop! Dip prepared donut pop in white coating chocolate. Coat only once for best results. Let set before decorating. Pipe dark chocolate circles for eyes and mouth.

Jack-O-Lantern Pop


Have fun decorating this bite-sized Jack-O-Lantern with your unique style! Dip prepared donut pop in orange colored melting chocolate. Coat only once for best results. Roll donut pop in DDA® Orange Sanding Sugar. For eyes, pipe dark chocolate triangles on wax paper and adhere to donut pop with melted chocolate. Pipe on a spooky smile to complete.


Fry donut holes using Dawn® Cake Donut Mix as directed on the bag. Dip the pop sticks in chocolate coating before inserting into un-iced donut holes and allow to set.

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Spooky Donut Pops

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