Vanilla Bourbon Apple Fritters

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Working Method

Prepare the donut mix according to manufacturer’s instructions through benching the dough.  Scale out dough into 5 lb. duffs and place on a floured bench.  Make the filling while the dough rests.  When the dough is done resting, top with 16 oz. of flavored apple filling and a heavy sprinkle of cinnamon (roughly 0.25 oz. - 0.5 oz., depending on taste).  Using a bench knife, begin to chop up the mixture, folding to mix until the dough pieces are silver dollar sized.  You will need to add roughly 3-4 oz. of extra flour during this process.  Shape dough into a log, using more dusting flour as needed and slice 3 oz. portions, placing dough directly on frying screen.  Proof and fry according to manufacturer's instructions and glaze while still warm.

For Bourbon Apple Filling: combine 100% apple filling, 1.325% bourbon flavoring, and 1.324% vanilla extract

For Bourbon Glaze: combine 100% donut glaze and 0.33% bourbon flavoring

Additional Info

Chef Tips

This is a great application for scrap raised A or raised A that has already been rolled more than once.


Alcohol, Boozy, McIntosh, Gala, Red Delicious, Granny Smith, Fuji, Honeycrisp, Golden Delicious, Doughnut

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Vanilla Bourbon Apple Fritters

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